"I should have stopped while I was ahead"- God
"Where the hell did all those injuns come from"-General George Custer
"That is the ugliest monkey I've ever seen"-Hanuman
"What the hell is wrong with you boy?Where did I go wrong?"-ClaudioAguilar
"Our tenth caller will recieve tickets to Air Supply" -Our Lord and Savior Jesus
"I am so stupid"-Homer J. Simpson
"Ah chi-chi-chi,Oy-yo-yo-yo"You not gonna beleive it"No shit, fucker"-J.Urias
"No. It not good"-Imre Franco

Welcome to bartolofartolo.com a place to see and be seen. People
often asked me." Bart you are so enormously cool why don't you start
your own web site?" Well I would say to  them "then you would have all
these bartolofartolo wanna-bees creeping out of the woodwork". No
there's only room for one of these type of people on this site.
Anyways I was making so much money cockfighting. I had to spend it
somewhere. So I decided .What the hell. Why not share your God given
gift with the world(and we're not just talking flatulence, and general bad
taste). We're talking art,music,comedy,drama,and crap to look at when
you just want to thank God for being alive or just wanna fuck-off at work.
                          The purpose of this website:                                        
Eventually to put up the oil paintings of the greatest painter in the
world.(according to his mommy)G. Bartolo Aguilar. One day I'll learn how
to use this pinche computer and digital camera,but this is not the day.
Checkback one day the paintings will be here. As for now I've put a few
crude sketches in the margins to wet your palate and make you salivate
for more fine art.